Seabeck Spirits

Seabeck was founded in 1856 by Marshall Blinn and William Adams, doing business as The Washington Mill Company. Their lumber was in such demand they built a second mill, then a shipyard to build boats to haul the lumber to California, which had high demand due to the California Gold Rush. Eventually, along with four saloons, the town had two general stores and two hotels. In 1876, there were over 400 people living in Seabeck. After decades of success, in the 1880s, the demand had eased, and most of the easily accessible trees had been harvested. In 1886 a spark from the ship Retriever started a fire that consumed both mills, along with other buildings. Rumors flew that the mills would not be re-built, so most residents moved to other towns with mills, notably Port Hadlock, turning Seabeck into a virtual ghost town.

The Olympic View Marina has now opened. It is across from the Conference Center and next to the general store, coffee shop, antique store, and a pizza parlor.  Otherwise, it is mostly a rural area, but known for the large concentrations of bald eagles and herons that inhabit the Big Beef Creek waterfront and are seen together foraging at low tides.



Seabeck Spirits is a home distillery operating a few miles from downtown Seabeck, just past Big Beef Creek and above the marina, with a beautiful view of the Olympic Mountains.  The owners have lived in the area their entire lives, working at the shipyard and enjoying the wildlife and scenery during their many adventures.