Seabeck Spirits

Owned and operated by Rodger and Tammy Brown, this is a small craft distillery with a tasting room open by appointment.  We are open most Saturdays from noon to 5:00, but will open other times; just give us a call!  


Rodger is the Head Distiller, and has spent a great deal of time researching formulas, taste-testing, and perfecting his products to create high quality and great tasting spirits!


You can also sign up for sessions to participate in making your own spirits.  Distilling will take two to three hours, and we can accommodate up to ten people at a time.  For $100, you will also go home with two 750 ml bottles of vodka, moonshine and/or apple pie.  You will learn about the mashing process, running the still, filtering, and proofing.  You can call 360-731-2851 to set up a time or sign up by email or our Facebook site.

Located in Seabeck just past Big Beef Creek off of Pioneer Road.

Rodger with one of his five stills.    

A local small craft distillery specializing in high quality Bourbon, whiskey, vodka, moonshine AND APPLE PIE